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The Philosophy

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

Dunnosophy is a new religious philosophy developed in response to the chaos and frustration of the coronavirus pandemic.     

It is a practical philosophy dedicated not to what is known, but what is unknown. It is a celebration of The Mystery behind and beyond all things. 

It offers a single, comforting answer to ANY question: about God, life, oneself, politics, economics, enlightenment, health, the past, present or future: 

I dunno.


The Reason

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

  Can you see how comforting this single answer is?


Life is so complicated that it’s become a burden to seek answers to questions. 

To be answered accurately, questions require either deep research into history, philosophy, or science, or an in-depth self-inquiry to find the inner truth.  

We don’t have time to read history books, do double-blind laboratory studies, or think. 

With Dunnosophy, none of that hard work is necessary.  


Our Offer

The Philosophy

Our Offer

 Do you want to experience bliss in your life? 

Give up all that thinking, figuring, deciding, and opining. There is One Truth that you can't possibly know, so why bother trying? 

  Try resting in the Great Mystery instead – without all the hard work of trying to describe it, understand it, figure it out, or fix it. There is much more we don’t know than we know. So why struggle with all that analysis and synthesis?  


Join our psycho-religious-philosophical church and get some rest. 

Bathe in the hot tub of your ignorance.  Look around your world with wonder, awe, and ignorance. 

You don’t need to work so damn hard to know a bunch of stuff.